Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hubby's New Crochet Hat

I finally got really fed up of hubby's ears glowing like red beacons from the cold.  he doesn't wear hats because they itch his head.  Seems he'd rather his ears fell off.  Being the loving wife that I am, I decided to make him a non-itch hat from some very nice yarn.  So off I toddled to trawl t'internet...

Free Plug #1:  I found a yarn by a company called Mirasol.  The manufacture of their yarn supports the communities in the Peruvian highlands.  Please have a look at their website www.mirasolperu.com for more information about the Mirasol Project.  I chose the baby Llama (Mirasol Miski).  I am absolutely delighted with it.  The finished hat is thick, squishy and buttery soft.  (You can check what others think of the yarn here.)

Free Plug #2:  After a bit of research I found a small but interesting web shop run by a lady called Kumiko.  She has Mirasol Miski at the best price I could find, and some interesting looking Japanese yarns which I will try some day.  Her shop is www.cocoonshop.co.uk.  When I ordered my yarn it actually arrived the next day!

Back to the story....
I found a pattern I absolutely love on my favourite site, Ravelry (as usual).  It took me ages to work out how the dang thing works.  It's constructed using a different technique to what I'm used to so until it twigged I was stumped!  I was huffing and puffing away.  Frogging and re-making.  I had to chuck bits of yarn out because I plain wore it out from making and re-making...  I wrote to the author and eventually got a response.  After that it clicked and I was able to follow the pattern!
In the end though, it was worth the effort.  I have never been quite so determined to finish something in my life!
There's a hat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do?

Unblocked - doesn't need it.

Sadly, hubby won't let me take a picture of him modelling it...  Boo!

That yarn is dee-lish...  Hat is sooooo  soft.

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