Thursday, 19 January 2012

Crochet Squares Hat & Scarf (first ever crochet pattern)

I found an interesting pattern on Ravelry, my favourite site for knitty-crochety things.  This was the inspiration for following a crochet pattern. 
The finished hat and scarf.

The first thing I did was make a practice square out of some aran wool that I have; just to see if I could do it and I could!  Here is the first every square I made from a crochet pattern!
My first every crochet square.  I'm very proud :-)
The yarn the hat and scarf are made of were ordered for a Loom Knit project.  The supplier took bl**dy ages in sending it out (I will not be using them again!).  By the time it arrived, I found the crochet pattern and dicided to use the yarn for that instead.

I really enjoyed making the hat, but got really fed up by the time I got to the scarf because the yarn I used is an utter nightmare for crochet.  It split round my hook on every single stitch!  I was a bit fed up of the colour as well...  So I love the hat, but not sure about the scarf....  It was good practice though!
Scarf being blocked!  I pinned it out on some towels and steamed it.

Close-up of scarf draped over the sofa...  very lilac!
So here you go, another project towards my 52.  Seems like it's turning into 52 crochet project!  LOL :-)

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