Sunday, 15 January 2012

"Starry Night" Crochet Scarf for Natalie's Birthday

It's my dear friend Natalie's birthday today.  I wanted to make her something but didn't know what.  I came across a lovely pattern in a book I have called Crochet so Fine.  (Details of the pattern and project can be found on my Ravelry project.)
If anyone can tell me why my photos keep coming out sideways, I'll be eternally grateful!
I liked the stars pattern as it's not too boho/girlie for Natalie.  She only ever wears black so I had a slight challenge finding a suitable yarn.  I ended up choosing a lovely soft 4-ply alpaca.  It's made the scarf really airy and light!  It took me ages to make all those stars!  Because the yarn is so soft, the scarf came out all scrunchy when it was finished, so it needed some proper wet blocking.
Natalie's scarf being blocked on a towel on the livingroom floor.
I wet blocked it, and then gave it a good steam after tucking in all the tails (two per star!) and arranging all the stitches neatly.
I am very pleased with the finished item!  It took me two days because I'm slow, but it was worth it.  I really hope Natalie loves this half as much as I loved making it!

The book from which this pattern comes:

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