Loom Knitting

I have no idea why, but I have recently taken up loom knitting. For anyone who doesn't know, loom knitting is where you use a round or long frame with lots of pegs on it. You can do the knitting by looping the yarn over/around these pegs. It's amazingly easy for a non-knitter and the result comes out so neat that it even impressed my mother!

I initially bought a set of round looms from Amazon which happen to be the same configuration as the Knifty Knitter ones.

I made a few presents for Christmas, hats mostly, but sadly I didn't photograph them.

After some moderate success with my round looms, I purchased the Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom set. If you're into loom knitting, this is brilliant! The only trouble with it is, is the pick, it's very flimsy,but the manufacturer have offered to send me a new one! Brilliant customer service, Lion Brand. You can actually get some pretty robust replacement picks...

The instructions that come with both the round looms and MS kit are pretty sparse.  I have found loads of good instructions on youtube.  The videos I liked the best are by GoodKnitKisses and Loom Knit Lab (PurlingSprite).
There are not so many patterns around for loom knitting, but the best source I've found so far is Ravelry.